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Due to a strong economy and upcoming sports for example the FIFA World Cup and also the Olympic Games, investment is on the increase across Brazil. An area seeing a massive boost in foreign investment may be the North East, particularly Rio Grande do Norte and major cities including Natal and Fortaleza.

Fortaleza is amongst the largest cities in Brazil and then for a long time has become a major port on the north-east coast. The built-up area features a population of nearly three point five million plus an division of 312 sq km (120 sq miles). That means the place includes a quite high population density, actually the highest inside the whole country.

The city features a long history, dating entirely returning to 4 seasons 1500 in the event the site was discovered by the Spanish. However, the subsequent Treaty of Tordesillas transferred north eastern Brazil towards the Portuguese who built a fort as well as the village of Nova Lisboa ('New Lisbon') for the site inside early 1600's. They therefore lost the spot temporarily on the Dutch before regaining it and renaming the settlement 'Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Assuncao'.

In 4 seasons 1799 the encompassing area of Cear? was carved out of Pernambuco province to get its province and Fortaleza was chosen as the new capital. For the next century, the nineteenth, Fortaleza became an extremely important and rapidly-growing urban focus for the location, largely due on the prominent crop, cotton which has been widely grown in the region. During the Brazilian civil war in the mid 1820's Fortaleza was prominent. It featured in the struggle between the Federal government of Brazil and the breakaway provinces within the north east who attemptedto establish themselves like a new, independent country, the so-called 'Confederation in the Equator'. The attempt failed and Brazil remained intact. In the middle years with the century Fortaleza expanded and improved both its physical infrastructure along with the social position of their ordinary people. For instance, the province get more info of Ceara (led by Fortaleza) freed all its black slaves in 1884, some years prior to rest from the country did likewise.

Population growth within the city was fairly slow until the initial couple of decades with the last century. For instance, it wasn't until 1922 that the city reached the hundred thousand mark, small by today's standards obviously but not bad in any respect for all those times. The flow of individuals in the countryside towards the city is a popular theme in histories of cities throughout the world this also is not any less true of Fortaleza. Former country-dwellers flooded in to the metropolis in search of opportunities, work and funds. This flow greatly increased within the 1960's when the new Industrial Zone encouraged more firms and businesses to spread out up or expand in the city. In turn the spot needed more workers, so more came and the cycle continued to the very day. Altogether nowadays there are many and varied opportunities nowadays for successful short term investment and of course long term investment too including agriculture, farmland, and much more recently abdominal muscles popular minha casa minha vida brazil (the home my life) social housing programme which can be currently a serious initiative inside the city.

Around the turn in the recent century, Fortaleza improved its general layout and facilities greatly, with new and much better major roads and social facilities for example hospitals and cultural centres. Tourism has also become considerably more important and also the city and its surroundings have become among the leading destinations for that in Brazil. The city will be one of the host cities to the 2014 FIFA world cup championships which needless to say are increasingly being locked in Brazil that year.

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